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Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt

What do you like to do?

New members are always welcome in all groups. We meet at the historic Lindenwood School building at 12351 N. Granville Road in Mequon, WI. Membership dues are a bargain compared to most youth sports organizations, and performing members pay a refundable deposit for their tracht (performing attire).

Let's Dance!

LüttenOur Lütten group meets every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Directors Megan and Johann Hinck, along with Jamie Heberer and Jack Chevremont, lead the children in games, as well as teaching them simple dances and German songs. The children have the opportunity to perform a few times a year, where they proudly demonstrate what they've learned. Anyone from age 4 through 8 is welcome, and we especially would like to have more boys join the group. Membership dues are $45.00/year, and tracht deposit is $30.00.

BackfischeThe Backfische youngsters practice every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. The 9- through 13-year- olds, under the direction of Katie Carmody and Emily Larscheidt, learn more complicated dance steps and choreography. Participating in this group helps these young folks develop poise and confidence by dancing at several public performances throughout the year, including Milwaukee Germanfest in July and the International Institute's Holiday Folk Fair in November. The vigorous rehearsals also build stamina and coordination that benefits these children in sports and other activities. As with the Lütten group, there always seems to be more girls on the dance floor, so boys are especially encouraged to join. Annual dues for Backfische are $55.00, and tracht deposit is $30.00.

Jugend and ErwachsenenThe Jugend and Erwachsenen meet Tuesdays, and rehearse from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. The Jugend are 14 through 20 years old, and ages 21 and up make up Erwachsenen. These groups rehearse under the direction of Craig Tews, and perform together at numerous venues around Wisconsin and the Midwest. See our "Performance Schedule" page for a current list of performances. Anyone 14 and over is welcome to join this group, and the only requirement is that you keep up with us! Our rehearsals and performances are quite strenuous, and anyone considering joining us should be in good health and very fit. Annual dues are $65.00, and tracht deposit is $100.00.

Make Some Beautiful Music!

SpäldeelPommersche Späldeel is our group of talented music makers. Annual dues are $65.00, and tracht deposit is $100.00. Our musicians provide the lively tunes we dance to, and with our vocalists also present a number of performances each year both with and without the dancers. The musicians attend regular rehearsals with Jugend/ Erwachsenen, as well as music-only rehearsals including vocalists as needed. Our music director is George Radtke, who is also the group's president. Besides offering live performances, Pommersche Späldeel has released a collection of favorite music and songs from our Pomeranian heritage, Sie Haben die Musik Nicht Vergessen. This is available in both CD and cassette tape. We have also recently released a CD of traditional Christmas music, Weihnachtlich glänzet der Wald.

Help wanted

sewing helperIf you'd like to be a part of this group but getting up in front of an audience isn't what you're looking for, there are also many behind-the-scenes opportunities to get involved:
Each of our groups needs at least one trachtenwart ("wardrobe mistress" would be the closest translation) to oversee the outfitting of performing members, as well as to attend  performances to assure that everyone is properly dressed, and to have on hand a sewing kit and safety pins for last-minute emergencies.
mixing soundAs our youngsters outgrow or wear out clothing articles, or new members get ready to perform, there are always projects for people who enjoy sewing.
For many of our performances it's necessary for us to set up our own sound system, and occasionally even our own dancefloor, which means we need help toting, lifting, plugging in, and eventually taking it all down again, as well as running the sound board during the show. Think of it as your chance to be a "roadie" for the band.

What sounds good to you? 

If something here sounds like your cup of tea, contact us to learn more about becoming a part of our group.  Many of our members have expressed the opinion that Pommersche Tanzdeel Freistadt is more like family than simply an organization or club.  Some of our Erwachsenen have been with us since they were Lütten.  Come on and join the fun!